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New Release!

I am elated to announce the release of The Bear & The Butterfly. This is my first title, and one of many more to come! Thank you to all of those who helped to bring this little book into creation.

Wander alongside the Bear & the Butterfly as they embark on a whimsical and thought-provoking journey. Delightfully vibrant and joyful illustrations bring our two protagonists to life as they navigate the ponderings that many of us have as humans. Their endearing dance within the realms of philosophy and spirituality remind us of the beauty around and within; that we are safe despite the storms that may arise in life, and that our imperfections are what makes us masterpieces.

Disarmingly delightful, Mariella delivers profound spiritual teachings through this beautiful little book...appropriate for all beings; all ages and all stages.
- Malaika Tabors | Acupuncturist, Mindful Movement Teacher